Live Well Today


As a certified Fitness & Online Trainer, Lillian is passionate about motivating, educating and helping people of all fitness levels towards a healthier more active lifestyle. Fitness doesn't have to be a boring process, Lillian strives to show her clients the fun side of exercising (Yes! It can be fun!). As well Lillian always makes sure you reach your own individual fitness goals while at the same time help you discover your self-efficacy to fitness. Additionally, choosing the right food is important to your well being.

  • I’ve been training with Lillian for the past few months. She has been very encouraging and has a lot of knowledge in her profession. Lillian has designed specific workouts to suit my goals. Over the past few months, my overall fitness level has increased. I play a lot of golf and I’ve noticed that my flexible and strength has increased which has equates to more power in my golf swing. I would recommend Lillian to those seeking seeking a more healthier lifestyle.

    Bryan Low

  • Absolutely a wonderful experience with Lillian. Knowledgeable and passionate on what she is doing. Not only teaches me in a professional way, but she also encourages me to practice more after each sessions. Most importantly, I have learned how to eat more healthier and to keep a good healthy routine in daily life. Looking forward to seeing the change and highly recommend to anyone who is willing to have a better lifestyle!

    Michael Tian

  • Lillian is absolutely the best personal trainer I have had because she really cared about helping me achieve my fitness goals. I have been going regularly to the gym for more than 25 years and I can say that the sessions with Lillian brought me to a different level in terms of the exercises she trained me on and I loved how it got muscles I didn't know I had working. She's positive and truly focused on the client. Her approach is very holistic since it goes right to the foods I'm eating all the way to the gym. Highly recommend Lillian for any of your fitness needs!

    Steve Wong